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Lockdown, Evacuation, Duress & First Aid Systems for Schools & Work Places   

AARC-EVAC Remote Transmitters

AARC EVAC Remote Transmitters

AARC-EVAC™ Wireless Linked Emergency Alert Systems are designed to be activated by AARC-EVAC™ remotes.

AARC EVAC Remote Transmitters come in either Hand Held (ATX2 Series) or Wall Mount (ATX3 Series). Hand Held remotes can be used as a portable transmitter. However they can also be wall mounted using Velco hook and loop fastening for maximum placement flexibility or as a home when not required for remote use, ie yard duty. Wall Mount remotes are designed to be wall mounted with 110mm mounting centers. The Wall mounted remote is also IP67 rated for outdoor use if required.

  • Portable or Easy installation – Wireless Linked Digital Radio system, no wires or wiring required
  • Operating range up to 300 metres (Varies upon transmitter & receiver location)
  • Secure operation with over 4 billion unique 32Bit digital codes
  • Powered by 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries (life of greater than 1 year with average use)
  • Optional 3 sec button press required to trigger an alarm (to avoid accidental or nuisance triggering)
  • Internal Antenna
  • Red LED lamp lights continuously while button pressed to visually confirm transmission
  • Low battery warning – Slow Flashing Red LED lamp, when any button pressed (Adding “Battery Replacement” to Annual Maintenance Schedule – Recommended)
  • Designed & Manufactured in Australia

The AARC EVAC system uses a range of intuitive icons for its alarm buttons, so they can be interpreted regardless of language. The Multi-button remotes and “Single” button Evacuation remote also feature a hidden Cancel button.


Lock Down

First Aid


All Clear

Bell / Other Warning



AARC EVAC Remote Transmitter RangeMulti-button Remotes

Multi-button remotes also include a hidden cancel button.

ATX25-LD (Hand Held)
ATX35-LD-G (Wall Mount)

ATX25-AC (Hand Held)
ATX35-AC-G (Wall Mount)

ATX25-DU (Hand Held)

ATX35-DU-G (Wall Mount)

ATX25-AS (Hand Held)
ATX35-AS-G (Wall Mount)

ATX23-EF (Hand Held)
ATX33-EF-G (Wall Mount)

ATX23-EL (Hand Held)
ATX33-EL-G (Wall Mount)
Single Button Remotes

The Evacuation “Single” Button remote also includes a hidden cancel button.


ATX22-EV (Hand Held)
ATX32-EV-G (Wall Mount)
Lock Down

ATX21-LD (Hand Held)
ATX31-LD-G (Wall Mount)
First Aid

ATX21-FA (Hand Held)
ATX31-FA-G (Wall Mount)

ATX21-DU (Hand Held)
ATX31-DU-G (Wall Mount)
All Clear 

ATX21-AC (Hand Held)
ATX31-AC-G (Wall Mount)

ATX21-BE (Hand Held)
ATX31-BE-G (Wall Mount)

ATX21-DR (Hand Held)
ATX31-DR-G (Wall Mount)

ATX21-CN (Hand Held)
ATX31-CN-G (Wall Mount)


Also available is the AARC EVAC Golf Remote, featuring alarm buttons customised to meet the specific needs of golfing venues.

Alarms Buttons
  • Bad Weather Warning
  • Take Shelter / Course Closed
  • Competition Start
  • All Clear / Resume Play
  • Cancel
  • ATX35-GO-G / ATX25-GO

Operating Range
Up to 300 metres (Varies upon Remote Transmitter & Evac Controller location)

Power Supply
2 x AAA (UM-4 1.5V) Alkaline Batteries* (life of 1 year with average use)

Unique Coded Digital Radio
32-bit (over 4 billion unique digital codes)

Case Material

Low Battery Warning
Yes (Red lamp flashes when button is pressed)

90 x 60 x 20mm (Hand Held)
125 x 69 x 40mm with 111.5mm mounting centers (Wall Mount)

Weight (without batteries)
70g (Hand Held)
127g (Wall Mount)

*Warning: Do not use Lithium type 1.5V cells, as this type of battery may damage the unit.