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AARC Systems - Safety Alert Systems
AARC Safety Alert Systems
AARC Systems, an Innovative Health, Safety & Security Technology Company 

We are excited to present AARC-EVAC, which is an Australian designed and manufactured, innovative International Award winning –
“Wireless Linked Emergency Alert System” 

The AARC EVAC system provides emergency alert sirens with clear and concise voice instructions. The system consists of a wireless network of push button battery powered transmitters and standalone autonomous audio broadcast units, each with its own battery backed UPS.

The extensive range of emergency alerts available in the system include: Evacuation, Lockdown, Multi-Location Duress, Multi-Location FirstAid Assist, Cyclone, Bushfire, Lightning and more. All these alerts include clear and concise voice instructions in any language or multiple languages, as required. All the alert voice messages are customer designated. 

The key features that make this product unique in the world market are:

  • The ability and flexibility to provide, customer designated, clear and concise voice instructional, assistance call and warning messages.
  • The provision for Multi-Location Duress and Multi-Location FirstAid Assist call messages.
  • The ease of installation, being a wireless linked system.

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